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2003 Custom Wiliam Terra Battleship Replica

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Contact Name: William
Phone: 207-884-7190
Boat is located in Levant,ME.Please call 207-884-seven one nine zero or with any questions...Model builder William Terra from Maine, USA has created an incredible 1:20 replica of the famous German cruiser Admrial Graf Spee which served during World War II.

The ‘pocket battleship’ was armed with six 28 cm (11 in) guns in two triple gun turrets, and was designed to outgun any cruiser fast enough to catch it.

She had a top speed of 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph).

Between September and December of 1939, the ship sank nine ships before being confronted by three British cruisers at the Battle of the River Plate on 13 December.

Admiral Graf Spee inflicted heavy damage on the British ships, but she too was heavily damaged and was forced into port at Montevideo.

Convinced by false reports of superior British naval forces approaching his ship, Hans Langsdorff, the commander of the ship, ordered the vessel to be scuttled (intentionally sunk). [Source: Wikipedia] In William Terra’s model replica version, the boat measures about 9.1 meters (29 ft) and weighs approximately 1200 kg or 2700 lbs.

Additional details as follows: – The model is scratch build like a canoe using 2.54 cm – 10.16 cm (1-4 in.) bass wood strips and then covered with fiberglass – The beam is 1.32 meters (52 in.) – It can carry 2 persons – The model is powered by a 15 hp (11.2 kw) outboard engine located under the rear gun turret – It can sail 24 kilometer per hour (15 mph) Searching 'William Terra' in a search engine will bring up hundreds of different sites and magazines with articles and pictures.

The boat has a website here: There is also a YouTube channel with 8 videos of the boat on the water:

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Engine Count:1
Engine Hours:
Hull Material:fiberglass
Beam:4' 4"
Draft:not given

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